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Death Porn For The Masses

your sins into me...

Sydney aka "sid vicious"
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Hallo! I'm Sydney. I am AWESOME (this is me trying to do that self esteem thing...trying...). I am a vegetarian anarchist comic book junkie. Love me. Love me good.

Marriage is love.

Bisexuality is Real.


Marriage is defined by God, not by Man.

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October 12, 1998

Six years ago today, Matthew Shepard was murdered for being homosexual.

What will you do to end the silence?

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computers (269563)
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guitar (112014)
laughing (112132)
music (833110)
poetry (200291)
sex (165736)
shopping (195603)
sleeping (190445)
writing (355614)
aim (64860)
cooking (81819)
nirvana (93578)
psychology (64729)
bisexuality (20746)
comics (40857)
david bowie (42030)
insanity (12914)
jackass (16650)
jhonen vasquez (12540)
jthm (10341)
people (41110)
salvador dali (10338)
screaming (15394)
sewing (26635)
sexuality (15166)
snakes (11000)
vegetarianism (19609)
alternative lifestyles (1943)
anarchy (9911)
anti-capitalism (1205)
anti-homophobia (1238)
anti-war (6367)
day dreaming (6294)
debates (3097)
demonology (1408)
dictionaries (2952)
doodling (7769)
doughnuts (1332)
edward gorey (7885)
free stuff (5687)
gsa (1131)
homosexuality (8293)
i feel sick (2738)
jade puget (2429)
jamaica (1944)
pissing people off (2077)
presents (6284)
roman dirge (3989)
scarlett johansson (1982)
serial experiments lain (3898)
skanking (5061)
slurpees (6660)
squee (7830)
steve buscemi (2898)
straight edge (9181)
websites (5154)
afro punk (24)
anarcho-syndicalism (243)
anti capitalism (63)
anti homophobia (95)
anti racism (338)
anti-capitalist (202)
anti-corporation (142)
anti-establishment (180)
anti-fascism (316)
anti-fascist (144)
anti-hate (502)
anti-oppression (242)
anti-racist action (183)
anti-rape (363)
anti-sexism (875)
anti-sexist (179)
antifa (104)
ara (148)
cherokee (464)
commodore 64 (432)
convience stores (12)
cross dressing (656)
davey havoc (238)
eating sugar (39)
editorials (305)
good music videos (23)
imaginary friends (815)
inyuasha (138)
jamaican music (33)
jolt cola (370)
killing annoying people (13)
listing my interests (64)
music magazines (128)
nick-names (17)
techtv (775)
throwing stuff (183)
todd mcfarlane (361)
transvestite (245)
tripp eisen (308)
vampire slaying (55)
a sexuality (1)
antifas (3)
antifash (4)
being a violent bitch (1)
black and scene (1)
coke kills (3)
collecting sugar (2)
dissapointing you (1)
killer coke (3)
learning useless crap (1)
lenoire (1)
the word "cranky" (2)
those sexual manatees... (1)
trying to understand boys (1)

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