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Death Porn For The Masses
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Date:2005-03-22 16:51




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Date:2005-03-15 21:01
Mood: calm

Here Ya Go...
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Date:2005-03-10 15:16
Subject:FUCK 'EM!

Hello. I was going to type a really long entry. Actually I will:


7 Mar 2005

While in B& N last night, I looked in EgoTrip’s  Big Book Of Racism. I read about three of the race related albums that they had written about. A Public Enemy album. The Frog’s “Racially Yours” and NOFX “White Trash, Two Heebs…” Anyways, they praised the P.E. album (no surprise. PE kicks ass), made fun of alternative rock music, and condemned “Racially Yours” and “White Trash…” as racist crap.


Personally, I saw “Racially Yours” as satire. Not the best job at satire, but satire none the less. I’m not the biggest NOFX fan, and don’t always agree with them. I don’t own “White Trash…” but I actually almost bought it. I might still buy it.


The condemnation of alt. rock was a little annoying. They said something about it being music by bands that all sound like the Beatles and Elvis Costello, and that only white people listen to it. L Are they asking to get jumped by some black punks?


I didn’t see much of a difference between “Racially Yours” and this book, or the VH1 EgoTrip Race-o-Rama shows. Both used stereotypes, and were satirical, and both could have done a better job.


8 MAR 2005 …………………………………………………………. C PERIOD


World of Dance went well. Bomba went well. I think my drumming has improved. I hope it has. I’m going to hope and try to make German and Bomba fit next year. I hope I can take those two. But God seems to be pissed at me right now. I’ve been thinking about starting an anarchist club. But I don’t know if anyone else would join and who would advise it. I’m not sure if there are any other anarchists in the school…There must be…I actually did my math homework. That is so fucking weird. I need to bring my grade up. I think I have a 78%. Yeah….let’s try to bring that up to an 80-something.


I should have done homework during study hall on Monday. But I had to write to keep sane. I think I’ve overanalyzed life and now nothing seems to matter. I’ve noticed how empty everything is. I’ve been reading about philosophy, politics, and history. What did I expect? Philosophy – confusion, politics – shit, history – see politics. I also think I may be taking in an unhealthy amount of news. I wake up and listen to Leslie and Omlette’s ignorant, conservative bitching. Then during Latin, lunch, and sometimes math, I read articles and editorials. After school I read stuff in The Daily Collegian and sometimes The Valley Advocate. Then I watch 2 hours of Fox News bullshit. Then I have a half hour to watch a reality TV show (sometimes I need to watch bad shit after the news) or call my sister and tell her about how fucked up the world is. I’m so balanced it’s driving me crazy. I’ve got conservative flag waving shit, then the moderate college student shit, then, online, my anarchist stuff (stuff, not shit. I love George Carlin…)


I’ve become less stubborn (in some ways). I also have become less interested in debates. I used to love debates, but now I see them as kind of stupid. No, really stupid. I’m much more interested in discussions. They’re more productive. Right wing debates are mostly made up of insults. Left wing debates are mostly made up of slogans. Right vs. Left wing debates are a horrifying combination of both. It’s mostly bitching by people so set in their own ideas, that they aren’t really even listening to the other side. Debates are pointless clashings of ideas. In a discussion, you’re not trying to prove that you are right and the other person is wrong. Coming to a discussion closed minded will just result in a waste of time (or a debate…well, it’s the same thing…) In debates, there’s not much listening.



I think there’s 15 more days until…yep…15 more days, then I get my cake. My birthday is so cool. God, I’m such a fuckin loser.


I made new patches this morning. Got up at 5am. Was done by 6:40. God it took me a while. Like 6 fuckin minutes to sew each patch on. Writing them out didn’t take very long. I spent a while ironing the back patch. But it was an hour 40min. spent well. I enjoyed myself.


I think I just realized how crazy I am. Damn.


I’m glad God invented Punk Rock. I’d be a really dull and hopeless pile of shit if he hadn’t…

I’m glad I found my Give ‘Em The Boot Vol. 3 c.d. , I was a really dull and hopeless pile of shit without it…




-         “Atheist Anthem” by Leftover Crack.



10 MAR 2005


Tonight I’m going to see West Side Story with Emily. I love having a mentor. I ‘m doing better in math too. J  


Peace, Love, Anarchy


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Date:2005-03-03 14:55
Subject:Rollin' Down the Street...
Mood: anxious

Ok. It’s Thursday. I’m not sure if we have Bomba today after school. Ty-Ty says maybe not. So I went with that. I drummed (that’s the past tense of ‘drum’ right?) today in class, and we’re using these new drums that are shiny and different and my hands were hitting it in a weird way and now my right hand has purple-ish bruises.

20 days until my birthday, everyone (HINT HINT!). I’m relying on my birthday money to finish Whiplash issue #4. I need more ink and paper. I have to start charging to cover the finances. I also have to see the people at Food For Thought Books.


We got the Course Registration packets today. I don’t think I can do Bomba next year, but I can do it Junior and Senior year. It’s pissing me off. Is math REALLY necessary? I can count. That’s enough. I’m not sure if I need math in the occupation I want... that’s probably a bad sign...


My dad hasn’t e-mailed or called me in forever. What the fuck is that?! Has he called you Adrienne? Tell that man he needs to e-mail me. I sent them a HEARTFELT e-mail, and haven’t gotten anything back! Unless their internet is down again, they have no excuse. I know how often they’re on!


Mari and I are trying to plan to hang out next week. She’s using me for my c.d. collection (I’m kidding Mari...) It’s sad. We used to have so many classes together. Now everything is WEIRD!!! Weird in a bad way. Like dead squirrel weird.


I’m still looking for a distributor for Whiplash! Haven’t found one I like yet...


So, yeah, that’s what’s up...


Peace, Love, Anarchy


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Date:2005-02-25 23:54
Mood: content

WHOO! El Pus! ha ha ha. Oh god. here's what's up

-While I was walking by a newspaper stand thing, i saw a newspaper that said "HUNGRY FOR PEOPLE" with a picture of the pope next to it. I walked closer and realized that it actually said "SURGERY FOR THE POPE". Which definitely makes more sense.
-I showed El Pus to Adrienne. She's less than enthusiastic about them (due to them dissing LP)
-My sister's fish died and the warmth of my vagina brought it back to life. It was cold, so I put the container between my legs and warmed the fish.
- Saul Williams "Black Stacey" is the saddest song ever. i can't find the lyrics.... :(

Peace Love Anarchy
syd (the squid)

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Date:2005-02-24 13:44

I got these at nothingnice.com . I agree w/ some of the points the creator makes. But I also disagree w/ a lot of his comics. Oh well. Here's some I liked:

Do You Think Davey Havoc and Felix Havoc Are Related?

Boots and Braces
There’s No Government Like No Government
Evolution of a 90’s Punk
Goth ‘n’ Go
Hooray Foor America!


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Date:2005-02-16 14:43
Mood: hopeful

Well Heidi-ho! Oh today is a shitty day. It’s only fuckin’ Wednesday. Oy….I can’t wait until vacation. It’s so close… I can taste it!! (it taste like semen…hee hee hee).

I finished the 3rd issue of Whiplash! I’m planning on spending all of (meaning most of) vacation drawing new (better) comics, so that issue 4 will be more comic book than ‘zine. I haven’t drawn some serious comics in a while. MUST IMPROVE DRAWING SKILLS.


Note to Adrienne: Ok, the tickets are $36. How the hell am I going to convince them that this is ok? Call me!!!!


To explain that part to others: My neighbor was telling me she really wanted to go to a concert (she’s never been to one, she’s in 5th grade). So I was like “Do you wanna go to a punk rock show with me?” (I was thinking of local bands, etc.) and she’s like “yeah”. A few weeks later, I was at her house and she (randomly) says “I like Green Day”. I’m like “ok….” Then I found out Green Day are coming to the Mullins Center ( I live about 3 minutes from there) Apr 30th. So I was like, that’ll do. I told my mom who said I had to go see her (my neighbor’s) mom about it. But after the Grammys, my mom just went ahead and brought I up with (ok, my neighbor’s name is Jahan, I shall refer to her as such) Jahan’s  mom. Her mom’s never heard of them and said that I was influencing her daughter. I’m not a green day fan! Anyhoo…she says she needs to see some of their lyrics. My mom’s like “they don’t cuss do they?”….so I have to convince them that it’s ok. Adrienne it’d be helpful if u could come down for this. I don’t think they trust me…


Peace, Love, Anarchy


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Date:2005-02-08 15:09
Mood: geeky

OINK! All is well in SydneyLand. Adrienne, I have many things to tell you. We must chat...TONIGHT. I'm at GSA right now, watching In and Out (good, funny movie).

My hand hurts. But bomba is love.

We're at the part where all the old ladies are sharing something that no one knows about them. Because the guy came out and all...

If I hadn't already came out, then I'd so do it now. Because then it'd be all cool with the movie and the mood of things (cause i'm in GSA and all...). Although I'm sure there's some LJ friends that don't know...I'm..."twisted". hee hee. No, I lobe everyone. loBe.

David Bowie on that "Black in the 80's" thing is stuck in my head. The face he made!!!! muh ha ha ha!

Peace. Love. Anarchy.


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Date:2005-02-01 19:41
Mood: cynical

EEEP! For everyone (*cough cough* cuz there's so many of u....) that read my LJ. I feel so cool right now. Anyways, has anyone heard about Ward Churchill? I fist heard about him on The O'Reily Factor ("it's a fake news show...like the daily show" -sydney). i like to watch it and make fun of him and his friends. Fair and Balanced my ass. Anyways the whole story's been distorted. I read most of the essay (not done yet...) and it's not like what people were saying. Oh how I hate people.

I had Bomba today. the musicians are doing pretty good. yup yup...In dance class we're doing SALSA which is KICK ASS. I like it, I like it a lot. Math class is SHIT.English is cool...(the class, not the language). Bah...Latin. We had a testquizwhatever today. Yup.....

G'DAY MATE (cuz I'm Sydney, Like Austrailia...)

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Date:2005-01-28 08:45
Mood: cynical

I’m in study hall. I’m doing okay, it’s Firday. Thank God, I woke up tired as all hell. But I have the necessities of life: Twizzlers and friends. I’m a little disappointed w. Whiplash! Issue#2. I’m already working on issue #3. 


I hate returning library books. I get so attached to them… But they are about a month overdue so….




I lost my Give ‘Em the Boot vol.3 . Not sure where I could have put it…


During A period We’re dancing with preschoolers. I don’t really like children….but they like me…like weird French men (long story/inside joke).


Peace, Love, Anarchy


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Date:2005-01-12 16:02
Subject:Another Poem (written during E period)
Mood: accomplished

another poem, please tell me what u think.

And sore
you won't kick me
when I'm down
Dead and naked
on the floor
you look disgusted
and frown

anti social
unsweetened, non vocal
I'll scream for you
I'll bleed on mute

music. messiah. died, like in my dream.
broken. demented. blowing off some steam.

And starved
you won't kick me
When I'm down
and scarred
you look disgusted
and frown

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Date:2005-01-10 15:28

Went to the Tsunami Relief Project meeting today. Kat and I are probably going to be in charge of the dance-a-thon. It’s all v. confusing. I’m definitely forcing Adrienne to come to A+B period with me. The weekend was ok. Not v. productive though. 




I came home around 5 something (my mom was late picking me up). When I got there (at around 7 because we had to go to about 6 different stores looking for the cigarettes that her boyfriend smokes), JoJo and Kathleen were there, talking to Adrienne. Adrienne went to JoJo’s house and I went upstairs and watched Ma Vie en Rose which happens to be one of my new favorite movies. I love IFC, it is a good channel.  




I don’t think I did anything this day.




I was supposed to work on Whiplash! And I did… little bit. I mostly just sat around and played  The Sims.


Peace, Love, Anarchy

“Syd Vicious”  


P.S. note to Ash Riot: I’m sending the tape today. I feel like a shitty friend…sorry it took so long. L


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Date:2004-12-21 15:33

It’s Monday. Again. Why does this keep happening? Mondays should die. NOW! Friday was cool. Mumsies picked me up and was like “Oh sit. I have to go to Yankee Candle.” I HATE YANKEE CANDLE. So, I stayed it the car. I was so fucking tired. I fell asleep. I was sleeping for hours. I woke up and my mom’s still in that shit hole of a store!  So I was sitting there, freezing because, of course, she turned the car off. About 45 minutes later, she shows up and her excuse was “I got lost and couldn’t find the exit”. My mom’s a fucking idiot. Then she forced me to go see Ocean’s 12 with her because she wanted to support the film (she used to be best friends with the director’s ex-wife…yup, she’s got connections…) the first two showings were sold out, so we went to the 10:00 one. We got to the mall at 8:00 so we spent 2 hours at Target. But they were well spent. I GOT THE NIRVANA BOX SET! Which happens to rock the shit out of everything. Beans beans beans… hee hee hee. Oh, note to Ash Riot: I’m probably sending the tape sometime this week.

Ok I wrote that during study hall last week. It’s Tuesday. I’m going to try to send the tape tomorrow (I know, I’m taking forever). I just got out of GSA which ended early. Adrienne’s back home and annoying the shit out of me. She might be stabbed. She might not. We’re leaving tomorrow, to go to North Carolina. TO DRIVE TO NORTH CAROLINA. In that small ass car, cramped with Adrienne and my mom. Oh the joy of family.

Peace, Love, Anarchy

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Date:2004-12-07 19:15
Mood: crappy

It's Tuesday! Today in GSA This guy came in and told us about his "growing up gay in the Melbourne area and share his positive and negative experiences as a member of the GLBT community at UMASS" (i quoted from the morning announcements). Anyways it was REALLY cool and yeah...It's nice that the GSA seems to be getting closer. I like it when I feel like I'm friends w/ people i'm in a club with. lol. While I was waiting for my mom to come pick me up, I was re-reading the morning announcements and I felt like I had heard of Melbourne before. I was just sitting there like "Where the fuck have I heard of this place?". Then I gave up and started singing "the young crazed peeling" in my head and i was like "OMG! BRODY!"...Austrailia rocks...My mom never came, her boss picked me up. I'm missing the Bomba performance 'cuz she's working now. :( AHHHH!
Peace, Love, Anarchy

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Date:2004-12-02 12:38

Ok. It’s Thursday. Here’s what’s happened since I last updated:
Monday: We had normal schedule
Tuesday: woke up late. Got to school late. Finished most of the social studies exam. All I could think about all day was the Pixies concert that night. My mom got me there about 3 minutes late (of course, with my luck, the show apparently started on time). I can barely remember what happened. What songs were played. Damn, it’s all a crazy haze. Some people behind me were smoking Mary-j and the whole fucking place reeked of pot (if you’ve ever been in the Mullins Center, you know how big it is…). This one girl was screaming at her friend “You’re addicted! You’re addicted to cigarettes! Quit!” she was really loud… I could hear her over Mission of Burma. That’s pretty fucking loud. As I looked at the floor during the show… I felt as if the people attending had forgotten what to do while at a concert. Maybe they were in awe. But anyways, they were just standing there…very still…staring at the stage…I wanted to fucking jump around. And I did. College students are weird. There were a lot of teachers there too. My geometry teacher was there. I didn’t see her, but I found out the next day. She said she left early. HOW DO YOU LEAVE EARLY WHEN THE PIXIES ARE PLAYING???!!!! My mom picked me up, we went home. I somehow got grounded.
Wednesday: more exams and a Bomba rehersal.
Thursday: finished my Soc. Stud. Exam. What fun. Uhh….i dunno. I’ll update more…later….

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Date:2004-11-27 12:06
Subject:Twenty Twenty Twenty Four Hours to Go...
Mood: cranky

Death, death and destruction. Hee hee. I'm at Adrienne's. We're gonna see Alexander today. I'm excited, are you? Ok, Syd's hungry, so please excuse her craziness.  I'm listening to The queers..song just ended, now it's the Ramones. I wish it was the early 90's. Dude, shit was so easy back then, preschool, yo. lol.

Is there no right way to sleep in my sister's bed? My back hurts again. I'm going to stab Adrienne. goddamn her! Maybe I should stab the bed...

Ok, nothings happening and I'm not thinking well. I'll update something interesting later..

Peace, Love, Anarchy


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Date:2004-11-23 15:39

Just got out of GSA recently. It was just Katie, Rosemary and I today. With this other teacher…oh shit, I forgot her name…fuck…Yeah, well we played Anime Hangman and that was fun. Tomorrow’s the last day!! Well, half day…yip yip. I don’t even celebrate Thanksgiving, but I get to see Adrienne. J Happiness, yo. I finished the cover of Whiplash! Last night, and I only have 2 more comics to draw. I’m aiming at Monday or Tuesday as my release dates for volume 2. I’m so fucking excited. Suddenly I’ve become obsessed w/ drawing myself. That’s probably a good thing considering I’m one of my new characters in my comic. I’m starting a new series called Mari & Silent Syd. First Adventure: MARI AND SILENT SYD DESTROY THE GIANT SLUG REGIME. Or something like that. If $100 fell out of the sky right now…that’d be cool. Sydney would like that. Oo! The Nirvana box set came out today! J Of course I don’t have the mullah, but what the fuck…Last night I saw the other version of “In Bloom” on TV., the one with the old drummer…Chad Channing (or did I totally make that name up…I think I did….) Katie invited me to her aunt’s wedding and that’d be the shit if I could go, but alas my mother has become, like a fucking Nazi w/ this whole “we’re visiting Adrienne” thing. Relax bitch. Relax. Not that I don’t want to see you ‘Ms. Escobar’. A week from now I will be about 4 hours away from seeing the muthafucking PIXIES!!! I’m so fucking excited…shit…

Peace, Love, Anarchy


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Date:2004-11-16 15:46
Mood: anxious

Ok, I’m gonna just type. The library turned off the printer, so I can’t read the shit I found today while I wait for my mom to pick me up. I saw Mari (My hetero-life-mate) and that made me happy because we don’t see each other enough. Wednesday’s gonna be crazy…

-Bomba show in the cafeteria…oh god, I hope I don’t mess up

-Bomba show at 6pm (I hope I can go)

-I wanted to go to this war-photography-exhibit thing, an Emily and I were planning on doing it Wed (not sure if it’s going to work out now…)

- I think there’s another Africa-AIDS meeting thing tomorrow…

shit, like Wednesdays weren’t already fucked up…


No GSA today L So I spent some quality time in the library. I read some hate mail at infoshop and laughed, then I researched some political prisoners so now I’m just pissed off at the injustice. OH , THE INJUSTICE!!!


Beefy, yo. I have to finish WHIPLASH! …I know….



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Date:2004-11-09 18:17
Mood: aggravated

 I Fucking hate people like this. I had GSA today. It was fun. Fun with the coming out stories and stuff. But some were sad. My mom was actually close to being on time today! I know, she amazed me... I started working on another srticle for Whiplash! (issue #2), it's about the "riot" in Raleigh, NC. Tomorrow I'm gonna go help out with the Africa AIDS thing. Woot woot (oh god, Yao's rubbing off on me...). i miss my JoJo.. :( Who will sing those silly songs? Who will dance those silly dances, oh so shamlessly?

Anyways, everyone, aim your arrows a little below that stupid hat....

Love u all (exept the ones I hate...)


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Date:2004-11-02 18:07

Heidi ho bitches...
- Soc stud test, that I did NOT study for. my essay SUCKED
- Latin quiz (and another one tomorrow)
- Science quiz (stupid...)
+ GSA was fun
+ Hannah gave me a shitload of dry erase markers, danke, yo
+ saw Mrs. Hall and Mrs. Welbourne
+ met this girl in GSA, her name it Kit Kat,and she kicks ass
- my back hurts
- does anyone still read my LJ?!?
- Yesterday I was aking my mum if I could get plugs in my ear, or get my nose pierced (LIKE ROB!!!) and she fuckin yelled at me....4 more years....
+ called Adrienne last nite, we had a v. good conversation. Sorry, haven't punched ur old french teacher (yet...) I saw him, but I was in a car and he was walking, plus there were too many witnesses
+ calling Adrienne again tonight

my tongue hurts...

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